THIJS VERHAAR – ‘Every stitch a statement. Every fiber an embrace.’

Over 30 years of hands-on expertise in industrial knitting has taught Thijs how to manipulate fiber, stitches, tension and colour to bring his designs to life. His love for knitting has remained undiminished. He is fixated on tactility and driven to make every scarf feel soft and warm, like an embrace. Every element of knitting fascinates him; He takes immense satisfaction from having an intimate relationship with each individual garment from fiber to finish. Supremacy, Infinity and Rising up are the first designs of the scarf collection. Thijs personally handle every step of the knitting process: from designing every geometric and colourful pattern to the sourcing of the 100% extra fine merino wool, the tension of each stitch, down to the finishing of every scarf. Everything is designed and produced at Knitwear Lab in the Netherlands.

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Photography by Olya Oleinic