Knitwear Lab – Knitwear Course

Learn all you need to know for knitting and programming industrial knitwear. In this 6-day course you will be introduced in the M1plus® pattern software and work on STOLL flatbed knitting machines in our own Knitwear Lab in Almere (close to Amsterdam). You’ll learn the ins and outs of knitwear so you can be a better knitter, designer or knitwear teacher. With us you grow into a better knitter/designer and learn how to communicate in depth with your knitwear supplier or programmer to develop the knitwear you want.

In the mornings we’ll do the theory part, when you’re still fresh and awake. Most of the day however is dedicated to hands on elements. You will learn the basics of programming, work with the latest STOLL machines and knit your own swatches.

Preliminary Curriculum:

  • Designing in Stitches
  • Introduction to the machines
  • M1plus® pattern software introduction
    • basics
    • modules and color arrangements
    • fully fashioned knitting
  • How to operate the machines
  • Fiber and Yarn (and sustainability)
  • Adobe for knitters
  • How to talk to your knitter – Making a Tech Pack


Course leaders

Francesca Pedrini, Annika Klaas, Gaia Liesdek, Eerika Yli-Rahko and Thijs Verhaar

Knitwear Lab has become an important player in the world of design and developing industrial knitwear. We work for many smaller and bigger brands and companies for who we develop knitted shoes, apparel but also technical textiles.

Thijs Verhaar with his 30+ years of experience in international knitwear will share his technical and industry knowledge with you. Francesca and Annika are experienced programmers and designers who will teach about programming and knitting of industrial knitwear. They will guide you through the M1plus® pattern software and help you on the STOLL CMS 530 OKC and our two STOLL CMS ADF 16/16BW machines.


Target group

This course is for professionals and students and knitwear lovers…


Fee info

€  950,- (ex. VAT)

Fee includes:

  • All material costs, you will go home with a small personal swatch library
  • Lunch



6-day course starting on Sunday until Friday from 09.30 to 17.00

Basic Course
Week 16        18 Apr – 23 Apr 2021
Week 27        4 July – 9 July 2021
Week 39       26 Sept – 10 Oct 2021
Week 50       12 Dec – 17 Dec 2021

Advanced Course
Week 28        11 July – 16 July 2021

If due to the COVID-19 outbreak measures taken by the government are still in place and prevent us from running the knitwear course, your fee will be fully refunded. 



Knitwear Lab
Josephine Bakerstraat 81


For more information or registering for one of the dates, use the message box below or contact Thijs.
+31(0)653 419 327

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