Chloe Severien – WDKA 2019


In response to the fast fashion industry, Chloe Severien has developed a system to do good for nature: in nite re-usable knitwear. It is based on knitting and the use of reinforced recycled PET yarn. Using this system, garments have been developed that are pleasing to the eye and can be unravelled to knit into new garments. In nite re-usable.

Designer / Art Direction: Chloe Severien
Knitwear collaboration: Knitwearlab
rPET Yarn: Morssinkhof Plastics
Photographer: Lana Prins
Make-Up Artist: Jesse de Graaf
Jewellery: Nena Origins
Assistant / Styling: Rosalie van Pixteren
Models: Saskia Oever & Florence van Sitteren