Austrian-Slovenian designer Timna Weber presents ‘ORGANICA – Garments as companions’, a collection of jumpers that have multiple lives as they form a symbiotic relationship with the wearer, as her graduation show at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam.

Timna Weber collaborated with Knitwear Lab to develop knitted textiles that she combined with woven textiles to create items for the collection. We developed horizontally and vertically knitted pleats, jacquards with a graphical pattern and knitwear with a special binding to create a sturdy fabric. All knitwear is made of extra fine merino wool and viscose.

Timna turned ORGANICA into a test collection, collaborating directly with individuals to create a symbiotic relationship between wearer, garment and designer. For her graduate show, different creatives ranging from directors to artists wore and lived with one personal jumper for a month, documenting their journey with drawings, films, photographs and words. Some of the jumpers have made it to the Brazilian jungle and on a trip through America. Each of them changed and evolved with the stories and experiences of the wearers, creating new and highly personal expressions which were then translated into new designs by Timna.

For her exhibition at the Nieuw Dakota Amsterdam, Timna has worked closely with architectural artist Márk Redele to create a utopian shop of the future, a place where potential customers are introduced to their new garments not as objects, but rather as future living companions. 15 jumpers are presented in three different stages of transformation: 5 of them show the starting point, other 5 present the personalisation of the garment and the last 5 show the designer’s suggestion for the next step. A fictional shop assistant presents Timna’s new design vision to the visitors with the help of a textile library and already transformed garments, while the stories of the participants and their companions/garments are available through an audio play.


Photography by Willemieke Kars
Models Annelinde Bruijs & Steinarr Ingólfsson
Make-up by Meltem Sahin