We created a unique, sustainable and in one-piece knitted face mask which means a re-usable piece produced without waste. This 3D shaped face mask fits perfectly around the face and therefore ensures a comfortable wear.

Designed, developed and produced at Knitwear Lab in the Netherlands
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38% Virgin Cotton

17% Recycled Cotton

30% PA 6.6

9% PA 6

6% Elastane

What else is special about our face mask?

The outside layer is knitted with the ECOTEC® cotton yarn of Marchi & Fildi. This yarn is certified for GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and TF (traceability & Fashion).

The inside layer is made from the TIMBRELLE® SILKTOUCH PERFORMANZ yarn of TWD Fibres. This yarn is certified for its antibacterial effects, is odour neutralizing and its soft touch gives a pleasant feel to the skin. The actual composition is PA6.6 with antimicrobial zinc.

As all non-certified masks, this face mask reduces droplet transmission while talking, coughing or sneezing and prevents you from touching your nose and mouth.

The yarn we use offers effective antibacterial protection with proven antiviral properties. This doesn’t mean that it protects you completely against viruses, but it reduces the risk.


We recommend washing your face mask regularly. Give it a quick hand wash with almost boiling water or use a washing machine. Wash it on 40°C with a normal detergent. Do not tumble dry. After washing, when it is still wet, pull it in shape.

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