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There is so much detail to this piece that we have named it the Fabergé Egg of the balaclavas: a state-of-the-art design that demonstrates what you can achieve with the right natural materials and modern knitting craftsmanship. When the temperatures drop this balaclava will protect you, in style, from the sharp winds that can whip you in the face during winter.

The balaclava is knitted entirely out of one piece, without creating material waste. Only one linked side seam is needed to turn the balaclava into a three-dimensional design. You can say goodbye to your scarf as the snug rib knit will keep your neck nice and warm, something that should not be underrated.

The yarn is a one-of-a-kind Cradle to Cradle certified, superfine, long staple Merino Arkaba yarn. That is to say: it is as soft as it is durable. The C2C certifications ensure a chain from sheep to balaclava free from harmful chemicals and animal cruelty.  

The brand label is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and has a QR-code to trace the balaclava’s origin to the farm where it came from.

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More about The 'Clava..

The top part is a combination of tuck and jacquard stitches, giving this piece a technical look on the outside and a clean sophisticated look on the inside. Which you can show off as well, if you choose so, as it is fit for double sided wear. For a better fit around the nose and chin, the middle part is created with a 3D knitting technique ensuring a comfortable wear. The lower half is a combination of a rib knit for a snug fit around the neck and a half cardigan stitch for a clean drape on the shoulders. And the best part, it is all achieved without the use of synthetics or “dirty” tricks.

Throughout the entire knit construction, two threads in different shades of Merino wool are used to create a nice contrast. The plated technique in the bottom rib and half cardigan stitch prevents the second colour from shining through, thus giving it a nice and subtle mélange.


100% 19µ Superfine Merino wool

Fiber: 100% 19µ Superfine Merino wool from Australian mulesing-free sheep from the Congi Station

Yarn: Combed 2/30 NM, Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Arkaba yarn from Botto Giuseppe

What is special about the yarns we use?

We exclusively use yarn from the Naturalis Fibra range, courtesy of Botto Giuseppe. It is the only woolen yarn in the world with a Cradle to Cradle certificate. Botto has achieved GOLD level overall and PLATINUM for material health, the highest level of certification possible. The wool can be traced back to the Congi Station in Walcha, Australia. The woolen bales are unpacked and combed at Romagnano Sesia, the only remaining combing facility in Italy and are dyed and spun into yarn in Biela, North Italy.

Knitting Technique

We used the ability of our Stoll ADF 16 BW flat-bed knitting machine to create the complex 3D shape of the balaclava. In order to design the product entirely biodegradable, elastic could not be used. Therefore, it became a challenge to knit a shape that follows the contours of the face, head and neck exactly. Experiments were needed to achieve a combination of stitches and knitting techniques that creates the right fit. 


The balaclava could not be easier to care for, that is, if you choose to care for it all. If you do, we recommend a gentle wash by hand, with a soft detergent intended for wool fibers. 

In case the rib starts to lose its elasticity, you can easily recover it by using a steamer or an iron with a steam function. Do not press the iron on the rib but hoover it over. 

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