What we do

Knitwear Design, Research & Development

Knitwear Lab develops smart technological applications for knitwear. Our knitwear specialists combine material research with the latest knitwear technologies. We knit on two STOLL ADF machines and one 530 HP. Our four programmers all have a background in design. The combination of technological innovation and a design-driven perspective is what makes Knitwear Lab truly unique.

Knitwear Consultancy

Our team of experienced knitwear specialists offer consultancy on all issues that may arise with designing or producing knitwear products. Our Lab is specialised in sustainable production methods, recycled yarns, smart textiles and 3D knitting techniques.


At our Lab we develop prototypes and run productions in small quantities. For bigger productions we cooperate with our certified and sustainable partner factories in Istanbul, Turkey. With our experience in the industry - our founder Thijs Verhaar has more than 35 years experience in international knitwear production - and extended network we make sure your production will be successfully completed.

Knitwear Education

Knitwear Lab educates the next generation of knitwear programmers and designers. We share our extensive research and experience through online modules, courses and custom-made programs. We offer a 6-day intensive, during which you will learn the basics of programming and industrial knitting. This practice-based course enables you to explore the endless possibilities of (sustainable) knitwear innovation. For more information visit the page Industrial Knitwear Course