KNITWEAR LAB opened a branch office in Istanbul

Juliette Sijnja


KNITWEAR LAB opened a branch office in Istanbul: a production LAB focused on high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. The LAB will cater especially to high-end labels and independent designers who want to produce small exclusive series.

Many of KNITWEAR LAB’s high-end clients and independent designers come across the same obstacle: they cannot get their prototypes produced in smaller runs. Knitwear factories are predominantly interested in producing larger quantities, and special requirements cannot always be met. Especially for these types of brands and designers KNITWEAR LAB founded KNITWEAR LAB ISTANBUL: a production LAB specialized in high quality knitwear in small quantities. Of course, it will also be possible to produce in larger quantities.

KNITWEAR LAB ISTANBUL will be equipped with the latest STOLL ADF machines and will work with programmers who are not only technically skilled, but also have design knowledge and a sense of fashion. Thijs Verhaar, co-founder of KNITWEAR LAB explains: ‘We are very proud of our innovative and experimental character and design driven mentality. At KNITWEAR LAB ISTANBUL we will be able to produce knitwear that’s made with complex techniques and innovative sustainable materials.’

For the establishment of KNITWEAR LAB ISTANBUL the LAB has entered into a collaboration with partner knitting manufacturer Bersa Triko in Istanbul. ‘Our partner Bersa Triko has excellent craft knowledge and skilled craftsmen’ says Verhaar. ‘Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of our partner, we can really achieve the highest quality at KNITWEAR LAB ISTANBUL.’ Bersa Triko is one of the knitting manufacturers in Istanbul that attaches great importance to sustainable production methods and good working conditions. They have invested in obtaining a GOTS certificate, BSCI and Cedex. KNITWEAR LAB ISTANBUL will maintain the same high social and sustainable level.

Having their own production LAB makes it possible for KNITWEAR LAB to experiment with innovative sustainable production techniques. In the future, the LAB wants to focus on knitwear on demand. Thijs Verhaar: ‘Knitwear is a flexible production method that lends itself perfectly to the made-to-measure and on-demand production of clothing and accessories. At KNITWEAR LAB Istanbul we have the facilities to make these sustainable production methods profitable.’

If you are interested in having knitwear produced in Istanbul, please contact