Research & Development

KNITWEAR LAB develops smart technological applications for knitwear. Our knitwear specialists combine material research with the latest knitwear technologies. We have 5 multi-gauge flat-bed knitting machines from STOLL, among which 3 of the latest and most advanced STOLL ADF machines. The multi-gauge of our machines range from 3,5gg to 18gg. Our programmers all have a background in design. The combination of technological innovation and a design-driven perspective is what makes KNITWEAR LAB truly unique.


At our LAB in Almere, the Netherlands our team of programmers and designers develop prototypes and run on a small scale productions. Our production LAB in Istanbul, Turkey is specialized in producing high-end knitwear in small quantities. Our experienced production team uses their exceptional craftsmanship to create specialized knitwear. With our experience in the industry and extended network we make sure productions will be successfully completed and delivered.


Our team of experienced knitwear specialists offer consultancy on all issues that may arise with designing or producing knitwear products. Our LAB is specialized in sustainable production methods, recycled yarns, smart textiles and 3D knitting techniques.


We have a progressive vision on sustainability. At KNITWEAR LAB we are constantly developing ethical knitwear made from biodegradable materials, regenerated and certified yarns. Moreover, we place a high emphasis on zero-waste production methods. Through 3D knitting techniques we are capable of knitting designs entirely out of one piece, without any waste. It is our responsibility to educate our clients on the impact their production will have on our ecosystem.