KNITWEAR LAB launches their first collection of sustainable knitwear accessories.

Juliette Sijnja


We are very excited to present KNITWEAR LAB – PRODUCTS: our first collection of knitwear products designed, developed and produced in-house by our talented programmers and design assistants. The products will showcase a taster of what we can do with knitwear! Leading-edge knitwear techniques are combined with regenerated and cruelty-free materials, which results in a collection of functional, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing accessories and lifestyle products.

The teams meet up to share their design ideas and discuss the direction of the KNITWEAR LAB – PRODUCTS collection.

As KNITWEAR LAB we get the opportunity to develop knitwear solutions for designers, brands and technical companies that are at the forefront of innovation. But apart from technical masterminds our programmers are also creative designers with an inspiring vision on the zeitgeist. We teamed them up with our trainees and design assistants and let their imagination flow. Under the devoted guidance of our creative director Cherish Brouwer and our general manager Thijs Verhaar, our team experimented with the technical tour de force of our machines.

The Bucket Hat leaves the machine as one piece. It took many experiments to create the right 3D shape.

At KNITWEAR LAB we take environmental and animal welfare at heart. Therefore, the entire collection is made with sustainable production techniques: most of the designs are knitted out of one-piece, creating almost no waste. An inspiring example of this is the bucket hat that has been knitted with a special technique in order to create a 3D shape. All woolen scarfs are knitted from extra-fine merino wool, derived from farms that do not use the cruel practice of mulesing. For the foulards we use Bemberg™ Cupro. This regenerated fiber has been made from cotton linter, which is a waste material created during the process of manufacturing cotton.

Behind the scenes at our product shoot and campaign shoot.

We created an entire new brand identity for the label KNITWEAR LAB – PRODUCTS. For the campaign shoot we compiled a creative team with, among others, the photographer Aytekin Yalçin and stylist Gabriele Papi, who flew in from Milan. Our creative team made sure that every expression of KNITWEAR LAB – PRODUCTS is in line with our brand identity and contemporary vision on knitwear.

The first launch of KNITWEAR LAB – PRODUCTS consists of scarves, socks and bucket hats. Instead of working with seasonal collections, we will drop unique products throughout the year. You can discover the collection and order your own KNITWEAR LAB product at our online SHOP.