We offer a 5-day intensive, during which you will learn programming and industrial knitting. This practice-based course enables you to explore the endless possibilities of sustainable knitwear innovation and provide general knowledge of industrial knitting and knitwear product development.


Learn all you need to know about designing, programming and manufacturing industrial knitwear. In our 5-day course you will be introduced to the Create Plus software and work with STOLL ADF and 530HP knitting machines at our KNITWEAR LAB in Almere (20 min from Amsterdam). During the course you’ll grow into a better knitwear designer, manager, or teacher. You learn how to communicate in depth with your knitwear suppliers, designers, technicians or students.

The program is mostly practice oriented. Apart from the essential theory, a large part of the curriculum is dedicated to learning the basics of programming, operating the latest Stoll machines, designing, and knitting your own swatches and learning about the yarns and the knitting industry.


  • Introduction to the machines
  • Designing in stitches
  • Create Plus software introduction
    o          basics
    o          modules and color arrangements
  • How to operate the machines
  • Fiber and yarn (and sustainability)
  • Adobe for knitters
  • How to communicate in depth with your knitter


KNITWEAR LAB has become an important player in the world of design and industrial knitwear. For many years we’ve been developing innovative, sustainable and design-driven knitwear solutions for brands and companies from different industries (apparel, shoes, medical and technical textiles among others).

Our team of experienced programmers and designers will teach about programming and manufacturing industrial knitwear. They will guide you through the Create Plus software and introduce you to the STOLL knitting machines. There will be an introduction to the STOLL-artwork® Adobe® Photoshop® extension as well.


This course is aimed at designers and professionals, teachers and students.


€  1350,- (ex. VAT)

Fee includes:

  • All material costs – you will go home with a small personal swatch library.
  • Tasteful lunches


All 5-day courses starting on Monday until Friday from 09.30 to 17.00


Week 05
Week 17
Week 30
Week 43

29 January – 2 February
22 – 26 April
22 – 26 July
21 – 25 October

A few spots left!
A few spots left!
A few spots left!


Josephine Bakerstraat 81
Almere – The Netherlands

For more information or to register for one of the dates, use the message box below or contact us by phone.

+31 36 848 00 91