BIELLA YARN by SÜDWOLLE partnered with KNITWEAR LAB to present their new SS23’ collection

Anastasia Osadchenko


KNITWEAR LAB used its design expertise to showcase Biella Yarn’s finest quality materials. A selection of yarns from the new collection book was implemented in creation of two male and female looks, entirely designed, developed and produced by KNITWEAR LAB.

With the idea of combining elegance with athleisure, the designs have a classic appearance and a timeless look. Comfortable fit, fluid silhouettes and thin layers of knitted fabric make it the perfect everyday summer look. The SS23’ looks are a set of two garments, each presented in two colourways.

The male look consists of a fine knitted polo shirt with contrasting details on the edges and is made of Brisbane Crêpe Nm 2/60 Superfine Merino Wool in the colour deep blue, while the yarn used for muted green is Microfiamma Seta Nm 37000 Extrafine Merino Wool blended with Silk. The lightweight structure of the polo shirt gives the garment a smooth breathable texture. The trousers have a relaxed fit, made of the OTW® Onyx Nm 2/48 Extrafine Merino Wool yarn, that in combination with the STOLL-weave-in® knitting technique gives a heavier texture with a pleasant soft touch.

In the female outfit, a layered wrap skirt is styled with a long-sleeve top, both created in a delicate rib knit with a pointelle stitch. The top is made of OTW® Opal Nm 2/60 Superfine Merino Wool, while the Godwin Nm 2/48 Extrafine Merino Wool blended with LENZING™ Lyocell gives the lustre silky touch to the skirt.

For the campaign KNITWEAR LAB invited two artists, Fransje Gimbrere and Charles-Antoine Chappuis, who both have a passion for textiles and knitwear, to present the SS23’ knitted looks. The artists share their creative identities, along with their textile works of art, creating an inspiring artistic atmosphere.

Fransje Gimbrere

Fransje Gimbrere is a multidisciplinary designer and artist, born and raised in Tilburg, the textile city of The Netherlands. Her creations are a refined combination of function and fantasy, with which she challenges the way we look at things and stimulates imagination. ‘Standing Textile(s)’ are 3D-woven configurations made on a custom-made loom, that are designed in an experimental way, creating intriguing tactile volumes. Fransje used repurposed natural fibres and recycled plastic for these delicate but strong and sturdy pieces.

Charles-Antoine Chappuis

Amsterdam-based textile designer and artist Charles-Antoine Chappuis works in between the functional and the sculptural. His designs are based on textile research and an interest in sustainable handmade practices. ‘Soft Amphorae’ is a series of colourful collectible vases. These pieces feature playful silhouettes, and a contrasting colourway on each side that boldly complement each other. Each object is unique and handmade by reusing discarded.

Photography | Cherish Brouwer @tita.cherish
Hair and Make-up | Nina Wagner
Artists | Fransje Gimbrere @fransjegimbrere /
Charles-Antoine Chappuis @vase_tapis_tapis /
Art Direction & Creative Production | Cherish Brouwer
Production Assistant | Nastia Osadchenko
Set Design | Paul Felix