KNITWEAR LAB won the Supply Chain Award and Saul Nash the International Woolmark Prize!

Anastasia Osadchenko
Photography by Lillie Eiger


KNITWEAR LAB was recognised for its contribution to the International Woolmark Prize and for giving access to technology and R&D in flat-bed knitting to emerging brands such as Saul Nash and Ahluwalia.

Saul Nash was announced the winner of the 2022 International Woolmark Prize at a special event held in London last week. Awarded and praised for his modern use of Merino wool in activewear, bridging a gap between active solutions and more formal requirements. With a true sense of discovery, this collection exposed Nash to the benefits of Merino wool in activewear, allowing him to develop materials which have enhanced the quality of his designs without compromising their technical DNA. With a focus on minimising waste, and emphasising movement and performance, Saul Nash’s modern interpretation of knitwear challenges preconceived ideas surrounding sportswear.

Photography IWP event by Lillie Eiger

KNITWEAR LAB’s standout developments include innovative 100% merino wool fabrics developed with winner Saul Nash – such as a compression wool hybrid jersey/Airtex mesh knit or a double-faced jersey with integrated mesh holes – offering high stretch, strength and breathability. These breakthrough fabrics allowed Saul Nash to bring his vision to life.

KNITWEAR LAB also further developed its relationship with finalist Ahluwalia exploring her concept of Nollywood through innovative knitwear true to the Ahluwalia brand.

Photography Supply Chain Award by KNITWEAR LAB
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