Celebrating the success of two SHOWROOMs and our 10th anniversary!

Cherish Brouwer


KNITWEAR LAB celebrates the success of two SHOWROOMs during Paris Fashion Week FW24’/25′ and its 10th anniversary!

Proudly we are rounding up our Paris Fashion Week season with two successful KNITWEAR LAB – SHOWROOMs, which were filled with beautiful knitwear, lots of inspiration, and future-forward developments on our Virtual Knitting technology.

At our KNITWEAR LAB – SHOWROOMs in Paris, the collections of eight designers were exposed with focus on the integration of virtual processes into physical knitwear development. The designers’ creative vision was translated both into physically developed knitwear swatches and garments, as well as into virtual garments, placed into specially designed environments. The SHOWROOM space allowed us to merge the physical and digital outcomes of the project and to showcase them to all creative professionals who visited us during Paris Fashion Week.

Together, with the inspiring mens- and womenswear designers, we embarked on a journey of revolutionizing industrial knitwear development. Thanks to virtual development, the production process allows to bring the designs to life with ease and with the benefit of reducing massive waste. KNITWEAR LAB’s extensive knitwear knowledge combined with the latest 3D software and Stoll Create Plus opens up a world of sustainable, cost-efficient, and design-driven sample development and knitwear production.

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Besides our SHOWROOM, we celebrated KNITWEAR LAB’s 10-year anniversary with a festive gathering, a Soirée, at our own Showroom during Women’s Fashion Week. We are proud to have been part of the industry for many years now. We have grown into a prominent knowledge and development center in the field of innovative and sustainable knitwear design. We love creating beautifully envisioned knitwear pieces with love and care, combining material research with smart technological knitwear solutions, all with a design-driven perspective. We are also passionate about educating the next generation of students and professionals, emphasizing the importance of creating a better environment for product development in our world.

A big thanks to our partners:
KM.on | @km.on
STOLL by KARL MAYER | @stollknitting
BROWZWEAR | @browzwear
The Woolmark Company | @thewoolmarkcompany

all the talented designers:
ABL Estudio | @abl.estudio | Menswear
Wiebke Schlaeger | @e_i_y_o_s_t_u_d_i_o | Menswear
Thijs Verhaar | @thijsverhaar | Menswear
Südwolle Group | @suedwollegroup | Menswear & Womenswear
Anna-Mari Leppisaari | @annamarileppisaari | Womenswear
Galiu | @galiu_official | Womenswear
Kaytlin Hui | @kaitlyn.xyk | Womenswear
Matilde Pacheco | @matilde_pacheco | Womenswear

and the KNITWEAR LAB team. With a special thanks to Keely Westwood | @keely.westwood for creating our Showroom Soundscape and SER for the great live-set during our Soirée.

Knitwear development by KNITWEAR LAB made with use of the latest Create software by KM.on and the flatbed knitting machines from STOLL by KARL MAYER
3D Visuals created by @virtualknitting team at KNITWEAR LAB using #Vstitcher by BROWZWEAR
Photography by the designers themselves and the KNITWEAR LAB team