Virtual Knitting by KNITWEAR LAB at Munich Fabric Start

KNITWEAR LAB presented its revolutionary method of Virtual Knitting at Munich Fabric Start.

Cherish Brouwer

Virtual Knitting by KNITWEAR LAB at Munich Fabric Start

KNITWEAR LAB presented its revolutionary method of Virtual Knitting at the premier trade show Munich Fabric Start.

Earlier this July, KNITWEAR LAB participated in the FW24/25’ edition of the premier trade show Munich Fabric Start in Germany, within their Sustainable Innovations area, where KNITWEAR LAB’s revolutionary method of Virtual Knitting was presented.

At Munich Fabric Start, Sustainable Innovations is the platform for exciting, emerging designers who create extraordinary material developments and rethink the textile world. Scalable material innovations and future-proof processes are presented as show cases offering real solutions to problems with the most innovative textile developments. Curated by Simon Angel, the forum has been an integral part of Keyhouse since 2016.

3D visual by Muhcine Ennou

Munich Fabric Start 2023 became the place of our first ever showcase of the Virtual Knitting method. Via two screens we presented the knitwear development process at KNITWEAR LAB, one screen showing the traditional way, and the other how the virtual method is integrated within physical knitwear development. Moreover, in collaboration with digital artist Muhcine Ennou, we envisioned our knitwear digitally, and presented it alongside a range of physical knitted swatches.


During the event, KNITWEAR LAB had the opportunity to present our new revolutionary method for industrial knitwear development: Virtual Knitting. A connection between virtual and material (physical) knitting, which creates a whole new world for sustainable, cost-efficient, design-driven sample development and knitwear production. KNITWEAR LAB connected with 3D software specialists to develop this method that combines the virtual 3D technology with material knitwear. The virtual design can be knitted exactly as you see it and the actual knitwear you feel in your hands can be exactly virtualized as it is knitted. With use of extensive knitwear knowledge of KNITWEAR LAB’s programmers, combined with the newest 3D software method, KNITWEAR LAB will reduce the massive waste during the sample and pre-production stage in the industry.




Webpage: Munich Fabric Start
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Sustainable Innovations is curated by Simon Angel
3D visual made by Muhcine Ennou @muhcines
Virtual knitwear created  by the Virtual Knitting team of KNITWEAR LAB using VStitcher of Browzwear
Physical knitwear developed with the latest software k.innovation Create Plus of STOLL by Karl Mayer